City Farms manufactures and supplies easy to grow hydroponic system, perfect for the home vegetable and herb gardener. Our system is easy to use, easy to maintain and produces fantastic vegetables and herbs.

Easy to Use

One of the easiest ways to grow vegetables and herbs. Just install, add water and plant food, sew seed and wait for beautiful crops of vegetables and herbs to grow.

Environmentally Friendly

Use solar power to power your whole system. No need to plug it in and use electricity.

Save Water

No wastage of water. Just to up during the week and replace water and plant feed once a week.

Space Saving

Use unused wall space to grow your own vegetables and herbs or install our pole system anywhere in your garden.

No Soil

Our system uses the latest in clay pellet technology specially designed for hydroponic systems.


Just clean the pellets and replant the next crop, winter and summer.